The Application Process


  1. Complete a Tenancy Application Form (one per adult) and return with the Reservation Payment.  We will then hold the property for you while we carry out our checks. At this stage the tenancy is subject to satisfactory references.
  2. If you have held a UK bank account for 12 months or more we will ask you to complete and sign a Bank Status Enquiry Form and post this form to your bank. If you do not have a UK bank account or if your UK bank account has been active for less than 12 months we will ask you to provide us with a) a letter from your bank confirming that you have conducted your account in a satisfactory manner and are able to pay the monthly rental amount b) bank statements for the last 6 months.
  3. ‘Right to Rent’ checks – we will need to see in our office the passport & visa / residency permit (where applicable) of each adult occupier.  Please note that if you do not have the ‘Right to Rent’ we will not be able to accept your application.
  4. We will remove the property from the market and cancel any other viewings while we process your application.
  5. We will obtain your references and carry out credit checks.  Please note this can take up to 2 weeks. 
  6. During this checking period, we reserve the right to decline your application at our absolute discretion.
  7. When all of your references have been received we will contact you to make an appointment for your ‘Sign up’ at the office on the day your tenancy starts.  At this time you will pay the balance of the first month’s rent and Damages Deposit, sign the Tenancy Agreement and collect the keys and the inventory. 

Reservation Payment

A Reservation Payment of 50% of one month’s rent is payable upon application.  When the Reservation Fee is paid the property is reserved for you while references are taken up.  The Reservation Fee will be deducted from the first rent payment.  Please note that if you withdraw your Tenancy Application, or we are unable to proceed with the Tenancy due to unsatisfactory references or ‘Right to Rent’ checks the Reservation Payment will not be refunded to you.

Damages Deposit

The Damages Deposit payable is 1.5 times the monthly rent.  Your deposit will be held under the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and you will be provided with the statutory information regarding the protection of your deposit at the start of your Tenancy.   Lucy Properties will hold your deposit for the duration of the Tenancy and return it to you after you vacate, subject to compliance with all terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement and Moving Out Guidelines.  Please note that we require a completed End of Tenancy Form with a forwarding address, utility and bank account details from each tenant before we can refund the deposit.   Any charges for dilapidations, damage or cleaning required after you vacate will be deducted from your deposit (having allowed for fair wear and tear). Where more than one Tenant is named on the Tenancy Agreement, the deposit will be returned in equal amounts to each named person and any deductions will be equally apportioned.  The Deposit cannot at any time be used as rent and no interest will be paid to you on Deposit monies held.

Utility Accounts

For all new tenancies we will provide the utility companies with your contact details, starting meter readings and moving-in date.  We will also contact Oxford City Council and provide them with your details for Council Tax purposes.  On receipt of this information the utility companies and Oxford City Council will write to you at the property and you will deal with them direct for the duration of your tenancy.

Shared Tenancies

The Tenancy Agreement will be drawn-up in the names of all Tenants and will be for a fixed term. If you (and any co-tenants) wish to surrender part or all of the accommodation you should notify us as soon as possible offering to terminate the Tenancy Agreement on the understanding that (i) you and any co-tenants are fully responsible under the terms of the existing Tenancy Agreement until a suitable new Tenancy has commenced and (ii) that in the event that such a new Tenant is found there will be an early termination charge of £200 including VAT.  A new fixed term Tenancy Agreement will be drawn up with any tenancy changes and must be signed by all parties.  The agreed rent is subject to an annual review.  Please provide us with the contact details (including email address) of any replacement tenant at the earliest opportunity and ensure that we are given at least three weeks’ notice of any change of Tenant. Please note that mid-tenancy changes will only be possible if there is 6 months or more left to run on the Tenancy.

Replacement Sharers

If you are replacing an existing tenant please note that you are not required to make a Reservation Payment.  Initially we only require the completed Application Form, Right to Rent information, bank information and details of your financial reference. We may run a credit check or require further documentation from you in accordance with the checks above. Again, we reserve the right to decline any new tenant's application at our discretion. On receipt of satisfactory references we will email the Tenancy Agreement to all Tenants to sign via DocuSign along with your first rent payment and Damages Deposit.  The Damages Deposit is usually 1.5 month’s rent split equally between all tenants. 

Data Protection

By completing this application you are consenting to the Landlord processing any information or personal details on or of the Tenant as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998.

You are also agreeing that the Landlord or Agent may pass on the Tenant's forwarding address and/or other personal information to utility suppliers, local authority, any credit agencies, or reference agencies and for debt collection.

Your attention is drawn to our privacy notice located

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